The Spell of Desire

The spell of desire fails,1
…. so let me pray instead
that Khizr the Immortal
…. is not dead.

Do not wander absurdly lost
…. in the heat-mirage of being.
Now you have depths and skies
…. inside your head.

The spectacle of union is my fantasy,
…. but what fancy
will polish the dirty mirror
…. where anticipation is read?

Each single atom of the lover
…. worships the sun.
I’m gone like dust on the wind,
…. but my lust for her sun has not sped.


My thin heart cannot eat this grief
…. of mine enough.
My sorrow is full because there is not
…. rose wine enough.

I am ashamed to tell
…. the Cupbearer
I will drink even sediment
…. if it is fine enough.

There is no arrow in the bow,
…. no hunter in ambush.
In the corner of this cage,
…. I can recline enough.

How I revere abstinence!
…. Am I a hypocrite?
I half thirst for a reward
…. for being dry enough.