Spoken English

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Did I say doldrums when I really meant dungeons instead? I wish I could say I was a graphic designer living in the Everglades or a Phantom searching for a mate or that you are now closing the window on another cloister. But the English language is definitely strange. Sheep graze in flocks but geese also migrate that way while cattle come and go in herds but wolves in packs thieves in bands and minnows swim in schools like nearly all the other fish except for sharks while barbarians wreak havoc in hordes locusts in swarms and tourists in droves or loads like coal or hay. Little wonder we are bewildered and wear scarfs at night and scarf down our unloved vegetables for dinner while scoundrels come in bunches as do grapes and oysters spend their days asleep in beds barely silent according to the latest research with a troubling proclivity for interrupted dreams.