Artist’s Statement

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With each piece, my work typically begins with a process of close observation and admiration. In that sense, a great deal of work is done before I begin making any marks. Once I’ve laid in enough of a technical foundation, the rest is dancing. It’s an interpretation not of lived experience, but of its impact on me, of the ways such things move me—a small but important distinction. What motivates the choices I make in every piece is the desire to surprise myself, and to make things that bring me a sense of awe.

I started drawing as a way to emulate my older brother, who is a talented artist in his own right. That taught me an appreciation for light, shape, texture, and most of all movement as profoundly emotive elements of the human experience. I have also studied drawing at the Watts Atelier of the Arts under Jeffrey Watts, Erik and Meadow Gist, and Stan Prokopenko. This has led me through a lifetime of work as both a commercial and fine artist, through ink, charcoal, oils, acrylics, and many other forms of mark-making. When I’m not painting, I spend time with my wife and two children, write poetry, and work as a graphic designer, editor, and art director based in Seattle.

A sampling of my work can be found on my website or, for more recent works in progress, you can follow my Instagram feed @frank_gallimore.