In the Beginning

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A scientist tasted raspberries and rum
at the heart of the Milky Way.
Another brought back in a wink
from the fixed-and-forever forming,
a billion year old secret,
pink — the first colour that came.

Oh, delicious day,
I saw it come this morning
with a wallaby eating at dawn,

and I felt it follow —
that it’s easier to sit with a stranger,
life is a joy with maggots at the heart,
birds of paradise hide among the leaves,
a girl can hold a secret as big as the sea,
through button grass and panic grass
the snag on the path becomes the path,
a spider loads the blades of the bladed world
with rainbows, then eats its own shimmer.

We are such stuff as rum
and raspberries are made on,
and everything will be okay
because dawn keeps this secret up her sleeve —
a shy, pink-flushed, feeding wallaby.