Blue and Green

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Dream weave: green cloth cascading from her shoulders and pooling at her feet creates a zone of ceremony, safety, and renewal.

We found ourselves on a park bench at noon. The day was blue. Low sun gilded the river, angled through the trees.

Too soon for green. And yet dream…green…vaccine? Even the idea of vaccinations

(closer; still out of reach) was pulling us away from that one hour, one January day

toward a future still too dim to see. Something had to be blocking the faint gleam

at the end of the proverbial tunnel, poking its massive head into that patch of barely visible and precious light.


And all the while, ruthless, merciful, time keeps on going – trudges, races, flows, tends and trends toward endings or beginnings,

depending on what we desire or fear or how we gauge the distance in between what’s longed for and what’s seen.

Each day now the light lasts a bit longer than the day before. Each hour moves us closer to the end

of the nightmare tunnel four years long, closer to where we hope to shoulder past the death’s head and emerge,

gulp a deep breath of air, survey the new changed and expanded view. Dream weave. Green mantle.

Ceremony, safety, and renewal. The sky is blue, high silver clouds and sunlight breaking through.