All This Occurred in Palestine

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The cosmocrator who tells the lie about his birth and lies about his secret teachings threatens the existence of the slow consuming sun. Truth is coldly night. They wrote their bible in bright letters while baybirds screamed over the desert.

But I am the beast of light, a phantom hiding in a bag, a tool for the magician. I am the beast of light, a negative, a cry against the night, a candle against the laws of darkness, a candle against the invisible, and when I cry, it is deep like a sigh of unclean blood. When I fade, their whispers of death follow me like a ghost scent.

And when they praise me as a means of comforting the sick, my name is an empty shell, a cry against the desperate, a planetsong like a rat sighing against the eye of the hungry.

Artificial Intelligence-Generated Poetry from a Dataset of Willis Barnstone’s Sonnets (Programmed and Collated by Bilal Shaw & Tony Barnstone)