Narrative interventions

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22 Poems printed, half 11 in French and 11 in English

Stainless steel, Aluminum, laser etched
Narrative interventions / Interventions narratives
Collège Franco-Britannique
Cité internationale universitaire de Paris

These series of text interventions consider the potential of poetry to be part of a constructed work of art and placed in the public realm as objects of intrigue. They are the product of an exploration of the relationship between reading, the object as a unique form of publication and space.  The more the viewer engages with the text, the more he or she will be displaced from the space of the garden to the space of his or her imagination.  In this way, the poem extends real space to a limitless virtual plane. Furthermore, instead of forming a concrete spatial memory of the place, the elements, and time, the visitor will also remember the excursions into the realm of the imagination.  The work is innately cross disciplinary and is resonant in the subject matter of poetry, translation, sculpture, architecture and typology.