Spitting Distance

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Leopard skin dangling there she leans salivating

braced by the wall bending her over just beyond reach what she likes most

a fantasy to focus her if she still hopes to get through it soon no faking this one

rubbing her cheeks pretending to chew thinking of lemons thinking of you

you try to think too whatever it takes to get a gland going with good eastern view

from garage level three while you both lubricate cc quintuplets not counting bubbles

sufficient secretion drooled in a tube takes more than you think

think what you like think of the folks working the screening today below freezing

how many times they ask is your cap twisted on tight show me the level

there’s the hand sanitizer think of the techs testing the samples in labs overnight

thousands of tubes think of the spit she’s swapped in her time

though now that she’s looped her mask back in place

never with you whose mouth she helped water