Euclid at Midday by Pond on a Scorcher

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A point has no parts: Black Saddlebags Skimmer. A line is breadthless length: Common Green Darner. Ends of lines are points: Blue-fronted Dancer.

A straight line lies even with points on itself. Predators all. Surfaces consist of length and breadth only. Nymphs are aquatic.

Lines are the edges of any given surface. The shape of their mating a wheel or heart. A boundary is anything

at its extremity. Amberwing? No, Jewelwing. A figure is what a boundary contains. Damselflies in droves. A circle’s a figure

contained by a line such that straight lines falling upon it from one point within it equal each other. Damselflies in droves

lethal high heat mean a pond’s healthy. Center of a circle Halloween Pennant is that point within it. Parallel lines

are straight lines that meet could be Eastern Pondhawk in neither direction. Things equal to the same thing

dimorphic damselfly equal each other. A part has no parts Fourth of July

wholly whole-free.