On the Coming Extinctions

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Suppose there was an app that let you know
Before you ordered at Ye Old Clam Shack
The scallops with their flesh as white as snow,
The blushing salmon or the wild-caught hake,
The bass just lifted from a nearby lake,
If they’d been harvested sustainably;
Suppose there was an app that let you track
Which ones were now at risk or soon to be:

They could be saved by this technology.
The app is here: I have it on my phone,
I told a friend, who answered, “I don’t see
Groupers at all. What list are groupers on?”

Endangered—they can barely hold their own…

She said, “That makes it easy to decide:
Waiter, I’ll have the grouper, please—pan-fried:
I’d better get mine now before they’re gone.”