Adelaide M. Russo Wins Prize for French and Francophone Studies

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We are honored to announce that Adelaide M. Russo, professor of comparative literature and French studies at Louisiana State University and contributing-level member of the ALSC, has received the sixteenth annual Aldo and Jeanna Scaglione Prize, which is awarded by the MLA for outstanding scholarly work in French and Francophone studies.

Russo received the award for her book Le Peintre Comme Modèle: Du Surréalisme à L’extrême Contemporain, which looks closely at the connections of visual art and poetry in the twentieth century as well the inspirations that artists, poets, and publishers provide for one another.

The award was presented on December 28, 2008 in San Francisco at the MLA’s annual convention.

– Nicole Baldner

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  1. Thank you, Nicole, for keeping your finger on the pulse within French Studies and helping those of us somewhat removed stay informed on important recent works and developments in the field.

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