Volume 1

Literary Matters 1-3
Fall 1995

Lorraine J. Clark: “The First National Conference”
John M. Ellis: “From the Editor”
Roger Shattuck: “The President’s Column”
Rosanna Warren: “A Neglected Poet: Ivor Gurney”
“ALSC in the Press”
“Graduate Students and Jobs”
“A Sister Organization: The AAH”
“News and Announcements”
“The ALSC Gets a Constitution”
“A Net of Our Own”

Literary Matters 1-2
Summer 1995

Paul A. Cantor: “Literature and Politics: Understanding the Regime”
John M. Ellis: “From the Editor”
Jay Martin: “An Announcement from the Program Committee”
Ricardo Quinones: “The President’s Column”
“The Minneapolis Conference Program”
“The By-Laws of the ALSC”

Literary Matters 1-1
Spring 1995

John M. Ellis: “From the Editor”
Norman Fruman: “A Short History of the ALSC”
Jay Martin: “The First ALSC National Conference: Minneapolis, September 22-24, 1995”
Ricardo Quinones: “The President’s Column”
Roger Shattuck: “Nineteen Theses on Literature”