Volume 2

LiteraryMatters 2-4
Fall 1996

Robert Alter: “President’s Column”
Paul A. Cantor: “The Second National Conference”
Lorrie Clark: “A Graduate Student Caucus”
John M. Ellis: “From the Editor”
Frank Lentricchia: “Last Will and Testament of an Ex-Literary Critic”
Roger Shattuck: “A Call for Measured Activism”
“A Statement on the ‘Standards for the English Language Arts’ of the National Council of Teachers of English”
“Officers and Committees 1996-97”
“Nominations for 1997-98 Committees”
“ALSC News”

Literary Matters 2-2 and 3
Spring / Summer 1996

Kenneth Asher: “Ethics and Literature”
John M. Ellis: “From the Editor”
Dana Gioia: “A Neglected Poet: Weldon Kees”
Roger Shattuck: “The President’s Column”
“Conference Notes”
“New Officers and Council Members”
“Thoughts on Criticism, Language, and Poetry”
“ALSC News”
“By-Laws of the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics”
“Directory of Members”

Literary Matters 2.1
Winter 1996

John M. Ellis: “From the Editor”
Rosanna Warren: “In Memoriam: Joseph Brodsky (1940-1996)
“The 1996 Conference, Boston”
“News and Announcements”