Volume 3

Literary Matters 3-4
Year-End 2010

Chris Blair: “Warren Funds VSC Fellowship 2010-2011”
Gary Clark: “ALSCW / VSC LiT Forum”
Greg Delanty: “Portrait of a Donor: Francis O’Neill”
Robert Gibb: “For the Chipmunk in My Yard”
Katherine Hala: “Meet the ALSCW Interns”
Leslie Harkema: “From the Editor”
Samantha Madway: “Local Meeting Boston: Cassandra Nelson, September 29, 2010”
Samantha Madway: “Local Meeting Boston: Al Basile, October 22, 2010”
Adelaide Russo: “Local Meeting—Baton Rouge, September 17, 2010”
Adelaide Russo: “A Tribute to Brent Joseph Wells”
Rosanna Warren: “Neglected Authors Column: Byron Herbert Reece”
Susan Wolfson: “President’s Column: The Year Past, The Year Ahead”

Winners of the First-Annual Secondary School Essay Contest:
Grayson Clary: “Hell Is Other People: Authenticity, Angst, and Existentialism in Wuthering Heights”
David Gore: “All Kinds of Signs: Superstitions in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”

LiteraryMatters 3-3
Summer 2010

David Damrosch and Susan Wolfson: “ALSCW Members Voice Their Concern”
Leslie Harkema: “From the Editor”
Alicia Ostriker: “The Blessing of the Old Woman, the Tulip, and the Dog”
Helaine L. Smith: “Close Reading, Analytical Writing, and the Findings of FORUM 4”
Mike Smolinsky: “Neglected Authors Column: on Dick Barnes”
Roy Winnick: “A Profile of Norman Fruman”
Susan Wolfson: “The President’s Column: ALSCW and MLA”
Susan Wolfson: “The President’s Column P.S.: On Shelley and Wind”
“News and Announcements”
“New Publications by Members”

LiteraryMatters 3-2
Spring 2010

Leslie Harkema: “From the Editor”
Katherine Hawkins: “Local Meeting—Boston, January 20, 2010”
Jenny Jarvie: “Raymond Danowski Has Your Chapbook”
Adelaide Russo: “The Once and Future Sonnet”
Helaine L. Smith: “Hopkins, Coleridge and Grammar in Middle School”
Susan Wolfson: “ALSCW Welcomes a New Officer and (Briefly) a New Councilor”
Susan Wolfson: “The President’s Column: Reading for Form without Formalism”
Susan Wolfson: “Sonnets and the ALSCW”
“The Zagajewski-Cavanagh Broadside Project”
“A Portrait of Our Donors: Daniel and Joanna Rose”
“Local Meeting—Baton Rouge, March 19-21, 2010”
“New Publications by Members: December 2009-January 2010”
“ALSCW / VSC Fellowship Winner: Kami Corban”
“2010 Election”

LiteraryMatters 3-1
Winter 1997

Eleanor Cook: “Quadruple Troping”
John M. Ellis: “From the Editor”
Norman Fruman: “Reconstructing English”
Louis Torres: “A Neglected Writer: Jack Schaefer”
“ALSC in the Press”
“ALSC News”