Volume 4

Literary Matters 4-4
Winter 2011

Rachelle Bijou: “Objets Trouvés»
Rachelle Bijou: « Sauce à Part »
Rachelle Bijou: « I, Too »
Rachelle Bijou: « Ode Petite »
Rachelle Bijou: « Fair Copy »
John Burt: “President’s Bulletin”
John Burt: “Report on the 17th Annual Conference of the ALSCW”
Gail Holst-Warhaft: “When It Comes to Happiness”
Annie Jacobs: “2011 Literature in Translation Forum”
Samantha Madway: “From the Editor”
Daniel Thomas Moran: “Human History”
Daniel Thomas Moran: “Thinking About the Death of John Updike”
Daniel Thomas Moran: “Fireflies”
Daniel Thomas Moran: “Christmas Eve at the Waldorf Astoria”
Anna Razumnaya: “Boston Local Meeting: Professor James Engell on Coleridge and Wordsworth”
Helaine L. Smith: “Teaching Homeric Hymns and Callimachus in Middle School”
“A Profile of Ben Mazer, the Association’s New Office Administrator”
“In Memoriam: Stanton B. Garner”
News and Announcements

Literary Matters 4-3
Fall 2011

Christopher Blair: “Rosanna Warren Awarded Wellesley’s Sara Teasdale Award in Poetry”
David Cavanagh: “Fugue”
David Cavanagh: “The Veil”
Matthew Connolly: “Joshua Weiner Awarded the 2011 ALSCW / VSC Fellowship”
Matthew Connolly: “Results of the 2011 Election”
Matthew Connolly: “Gabriella Garr Wins the ALSCW’s 2011 Meringoff Essay Award”
Matthew Connolly: “Reflections on ‘Long Ago Way’”
Matthew Connolly: “An Interview with Outgoing President, Greg Delanty”
Javan DeHaven: “Thoughts at My Mother’s Funeral”
Javan DeHaven: “Weight”
Greg Delanty: “Letter from the President”
Brett Foster: “I Know I Am, But What Are You?”
Brett Foster: “Problem? What Problem”
George Kalogeris: “198 B.C.E.”
George Kalogeris: “Home From Greece”
George Kalogeris: “Thelopóusa”
George Kalogeris: “Panópeus”
Laura Karahalis: A Profile on Incoming President, John Burt”
Lisa Katz: “Chinese Lantern”
Laurie Lessen-Reiche: “The Banquet”
Samantha Madway: “From the Editor”

Winner of the 2011 Meringoff Essay Award:
Gabriella Garr: “Hamlet: Genuinely Theatrical”

Literary Matters 4-2
Spring 2011

Christopher Blair: “Great Wass Island”
John Burt: “2011 Election”
Zoraida Cabrera and Matthew Connolly: “Campion, Johnson, and Stallings Awarded Guggenheim Fellowships”
Matthew Connolly: “Leaving Dresden”
Matthew Connolly: “A History of the ALSCW Internship Program”
Matthew Connolly: “Local Meeting in Boston: Marcia Folsom on Jane Austen, March 30, 2011”
Matthew Connolly: “Clare Cavanagh Wins the 2011 National Book Critics Circle Award”
Kami Corban: “Vermont Studio Center Fellowship: A Portrait”
Greg Delanty: “President’s Column”
Samantha Madway: “From the Editor”
Ellen Rachlin: “Business Page”
Neale Reinitz: “Neglected Authors Column: William Ellery Leonard”
Brendan Ryan: “OUP Report on Literary Imagination”
Kieron Winn: “St. Ives”

Literary Matters 4-1
Winter 2011

Joshua Converse: “Great Books and the World of Ideas”
Greg Delanty: “President’s Column”
Leslie Harkema: “From the Editor”
Tim Nolan: “Picasso”
Helaine L. Smith: “Aristophanes in Middle School: Frogs”
“New Publications by Members”
“News and Announcements”

“Report on the 2010 Annual Conference in Princeton, NJ”
Chris Blair: “Introduction: Common Ground”
Chris Blair: “Writing War”
Chris Blair: “Robert Fitzgerald Remembered”
Matthew Connolly: “The Common Reader”
Lisa Katz: “Remembrance of Things Past: Scholar-Poets on Renaissance and Contemporary Poems”
Samantha Madway: “Saturday Morning Seminars”

“Round Table: Teaching Huckleberry Finn”
Susan Wolfson: “Introduction”
Janice Miller: “Teaching Huck Finn”
Brad Evans: “Fronting the Affront”
Christina Zwarg: “Twain’s Idiomatic Gun”
Renate Von Huetz: “Teaching Huckleberry Finn to the Tenth Grade at The Brearley School”
William Gleason: “Three Cheers for Alan Gribben!”