Another Day

after Randall Jarrell

Moving from Cheer to Joy, from Joy to All,
I choose the brand
With less packaging, ingredients less likely to harm.
I add grain-free crackers, local greens, organic chicken,
Organic eggs, amaranth.
“Begin to be now,” said William James,

“What you will be hereafter.” I must begin
To be flatter of belly
And narrower of thigh, a fraction indivisible
By the lowest common denominator. In the name of health,
Everyone’s selling
Kale smoothies, cayenne cleanses, grass-fed jerky.

The Miracles

Blessed be the Lord; who worked a miracle of unfailing love for me when I was in sore straits (like a city besieged)
—Psalm 31:21


We took our firstborn to the Cloisters, his first Easter.
You photographed me holding him in the Medieval
herb garden based on millefleurs tapestries,
gray skies, diffuse light, my new linen outfit loose

on my loose new mother’s body. The baby’s eyes
looked ancient, peering out below his little blue hat.
I do not know who was saved on that cold Easter,
only that the baby’s grandmother exhibited