Friday the Thirteenth of Shawsheen Clabbering Tastes Budding: Full Bloom

Friday the thirteenth of July, and
I realize that there is something else you may not
know, Clabber Girl married the same
lechery twice, double acting. August bride
already married when she wore wedding gown like
rolls of clouds, mantilla veil stretching across church
whose parking lot of official sins, like this asphalt was just as thin,
as Judie man who officiated at the ceremony, new mother-in-law
talked for days I’ve been told about the

magnificence marrying her son, bride who had
nothing baking in her oven despite
all the clabbering, non-canonical at that.
Of course, sun was shining as that is what
such solar installations do, Judie man, pastor who
slept with members of congregation (another
clabbering fact). Pulpit