Boston Local Meeting – April 27th


The ALSCW will hold its next Boston local meeting on April 27 at 5pm, at Boston University’s Editorial Institute. James O’Brien, a Ph.D. candidate at the Editorial Institute, will present his short film on Bob Dylan, “Long Ago Way: The Siggins Transcript.”


Now joining the conversation on Wednesday evening will be Scott Alarik. He will offer his thoughts on the film, and some contexts for the story it tells.

About: Scott Alarik, the Globe’s principal folk music critic/writer since 1986, is  a frequent contributor to Sing Out! the Folk Music Magazine, and was folk critic for the public radio program Here and Now for seven years. Pete Seeger calls Alarik “one of the best writers in America,” and Dar Williams calls him “the finest folk writer in the country.” Irish Echo and Wall Street Journal critic Earle Hitchner says Alarik is “one of America’s most astute music critics and chroniclers.” Before moving to Boston in the early 80s, Alarik, a Minnesota native, spent nearly 15 years as a folk singer and songwriter. He released three albums and appeared regularly on the public radio hit A Prairie Home Companion. In 2003, he hosted the Newport Folk Festival