In Memoriam, Denis Donoghue

Denis Donoghue, who passed away on April 6th at the age of 92, played an important role in the early years of the ALSCW, known back then as the ALSC. Rosanna Warren remembers him: “He was a giant in every respect—a looming figure intellectually and physically. Streams of eloquence poured from his mouth when he spoke, perfectly formed periodic sentences, with precise and lengthy quotations from poetry and prose.” If there is a memory here of Yeats’s memory of Wilde (“I never before heard a man talking with perfect sentences…”), Denis would have appreciated it. ALSCW member Anthony Domestico has written a fine tribute at Commonweal. The link is here:

In Memoriam, Morris Dickstein

We mourn the passing of Morris Dickstein. Morris served as president of the ALSCW in 2007 and was a cherished friend of many in our organization. His books include Gates of Eden, Double Agent, Leopards in the TempleDancing in the Dark: A Cultural History of the Great Depression, and a memoir, Why Not Say What Happened: A Sentimental Education. He was a distinguished and beloved teacher, and an important member of the ALSCW for many years. He will be missed. Below is an obituary by his daughter, Rachel.

In Memoriam: William Louis-Dreyfus

We are grieved at the loss of William Louis-Dreyfus, the noted businessman, philanthropist, art collector, and poet who died on September 16, 2016. William was a staunch friend to the ALSCW. In the past decade he hosted quite a few of our literary “salons” in his apartment in New York City, where writers presented their work, discussion eddied, and wine flowed in the presence of noble works of art (including, I especially remember, a small flower painting by Fantin-Latour, and a landscape by Stanley Lewis). In 2012 William sponsored a memorable evening at Poets House for ALSCW, a panel discussion about “What Makes Poetry Good,”at which Paul Keegan spoke about Beckett’s French poems, Christopher Ricks discussed John Crowe Ransom’s critique of Hardy, and Jill Rosser spoke about Donne. In 2014, William made possible a series of three lectures in New York by Christopher Ricks, sumptuously presented and catered. He understood the Association’s ideals, and supported us materially and spiritually.