Grey Gowrie at the Grolier, introduced by Christopher Ricks, Fri. Oct. 24, 7pm.

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Grey Gowrie was born in Dublin in 1939.  Educated and professionally engaged in England and the USA, he made his home in Ireland until 1983 when he moved to the Welsh Marches. He taught English and American literature at Harvard and University College London and in 1972, on publishing his first collection of poems, exchanged an academic career for business and public life.  He has been a company chairman, a Cabinet minister, Chairman of the Arts Council of England and Provost of the Royal College of Art.  Literature. His book Third Day: New and Collected Poems was published in (2013 Sheep Meadow Press).

Christopher Ricks (born 1933) is a British literary critic and scholar. He is the William M. and Sara B. Warren Professor of the Humanities at Boston University (U.S.) and Co-Director of the Editorial Institute at Boston University, and was Professor of Poetry at Oxford from 2004 to 2009.