Hot Rocks: Songs and Verse

Hot Rocks explores a new age of verse composition, a revolution-in-verse that started with blues and jazz, and has continued to evolve since rock, hip hop, and poetry intertwined in the sixties and seventies. Our goal is to present a wide range of work from the worlds of poetry, song, and the other arts. We believe artists’ personal stories are vital to understanding creativity and why poetry, song and art are necessary to the human condition. We seek pieces that take chances, and speak from the soul as well as the mind.

Most often, Hot Rocks features sequences of imaginatively related pieces that speak to one another. This installment includes an interview with T.R. Hummer and poems and an essay by him; Walt Hunter’s review of Noah Warren’s new book of poetry and poems by Hunter and Warren; a long essay by Chad Davidson; a memoir with poems by Daniel Cross Turner; and a suite of poems by Mark Edmundson.

Mike Mattison and Ernest Suarez
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