Issue 10:1

Literary Matters 10:1
Fall 2017
i.m. Elise Partridge

A Note from the President of the ALSCW:
Ernest Suarez: It Has Been (and Is) My Pleasure

2016 Meringoff Prize Winners:

Gregory Fraser: Nothing But a Few Bare Trees
Matthew Buckley Smith: Object Permanence

Chad Davidson: Not Being Original

Carolyn Jack: Success, Chapter 1

A Critical Symposium on Robert Lowell:

Florian Gargaillo: Sounding Lowell: Louise Glück and Derek Walcott
Henry Hart: Robert Lowell and Seamus Heaney: An Apprenticeship
Ernest Hilbert: Our Monotonous Sublime: Robert Lowell’s Notebook Poems
Jenna Lê: A Review of Robert Lowell, Setting the River on Fire, by Kay Redfield Jamison
Elise Partridge: “Take the Bathtub Out”: New Criticism in Robert Lowell’s Classroom
Joan Romano Shifflett: The Relatable Robert Lowell

Book Reviews:
Kevin Cutrer: Testing Coins: On Al Basile’s Tonesmith
Andrew Hungate: Love of Metaphor: A Review of Megan Levad’s What Have I To Say To You
George Kalogeris: Resistance as a Form of Embrace: A Review of Hymns & Qualms, by Peter Cole
Christina Pugh: Selecting Texture: Elise Partridge’s The If Borderlands

Tony Barnstone and Bilal Shaw: Ghalib’s “The Spell of Desire”
Tony Barnstone and Bilal Shaw: Ghalib’s “Enough”
Doug Basford: Il Burchiello’s “Self Portrait as a Tasty Morsel”

David Bottoms: My Old Man’s Homemade Dagger
Cally Conan-Davies: Epithalamion on Fire Island
Carl Dennis: Babel
Moira Egan: Bois d’Ombrie
Moira Egan : Maurice Utrillo nu, assis sur un divan (1985)
Juliana Gray: Big Mary: How to Hang an Elephant
Anthony Harrington: Necrology
David Havird: Nature Morte
Mark Jarman: Exo
Stephen Kampa: You Just Have to Follow It
Julie Kane: Second Time Around
Katy Lederer: Lullaby
Katy Lederer: A Messenger
David Mason: Wood
Aaron Poochigian: Turf
Meg Tyler: Turn in the Year
James Venit: Scenes in the Country

Local Meeting
Jessica Schnepp: Wesley Rothman and Ryan Wilson at The Catholic University of America, April 11, 2017