Issue 10:2

A Note from the President of the ALSCW

Richard Rankin Russell: Going with Literature’s Grain: Recovering a Literary Aesthetic

Winner of the 2017 ALSCW’s Meringoff Secondary-School Essay Competition

Polina Whitehouse: Reaping Poetry: An Analysis of “When I have fears that I may cease to be” by John Keats

Prose Feature

David Rothman: “Music Despite Everything”: The Crisis of the Humanities and the Courage to Teach


Chris Childers: Translating Pindar
Emily Grosholz: The Art of Translation
Mark Halliday: Bidart’s Thirst
Kjerstin Kauffman: “Mortal as I’d Always Been”: C.K. Williams’ Falling Ill
Martin Lockerd: Love Among the Junk
Christopher Petter: Let Us Watch Richard Wilbur: A Biographical Study
A. E. Stallings: Cool Pastoral
Matthew Buckley Smith: Omnibus Review


Rhina Espaillat: How Like a Winter
Gregory Fraser: Dark Harbor
Gregory Fraser: Birds
Rachel Hadas: Stars Shine in the Window
Ernest Hilbert: Memorial Days
Ernest Hilbert: Alpine
T.R. Hummer: Citizen
T.R. Hummer: Nation Building
T.R. Hummer: Transcendental
Julie Kane: That One Over
Ted Kooser: Gray Upon Gray
Hailey Leithauser: Hush
Amit Majmudar: The Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery Floor
Amit Majmudar: Escape Artist
Eric Pankey: After Memory
Linda Pastan: Prologue
Chelsea Rathburn: Lay Figures
Chelsea Rathburn: Incompetent Cervix
Chelsea Rathburn: Chemistry Lessons
Charles Simic: Truck Stop
Dave Smith: Cow Story
Timothy Steele: Song at Seventy
William Walsh: The Hunter Recovers
William Walsh: Shipwrecked
C. Dale Young: On Nomenclature


Rhina Espaillat: Francisco de Quevedo’s “Love That Endures Beyond Death”
Rhina Espaillat: Jose de Diego’s “Into the Breach”
R.S. Gwynn: Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Archaic Torso of Apollo”
R.S. Gwynn: Rainer Maria Rilke’s “Early Apollo”

Local Meetings

Noah Jampol: Chester Johnson at The Culture Center, New York, Nov. 28, 2017