Issue 11:1

Literary Matters 11.1
Fall 2018

2017 Meringoff Prize Winners

Brendan Rabon: “Gladstone”
Daniel Tobin: “Broken Symmetries”

Brian J. Buchanan: “Wisdom Teeth”
David Galef: “Therapy”

Cynthia Lewis: “Body Doubles”


Feature: The Road to Sparta

Barney Spender: Introduction to The Road to Sparta

Barney Spender: The Co-Director on The Road to Sparta

A.E. Stallings: The Poet on The Road to Sparta

A.E. Stallings: Five Poems from The Road to Sparta:
A.E. Stallings: Trouble Brewing
A.E. Stallings: The Road Up
A.E. Stallings: Pan’s Warning
A.E. Stallings: Sparta Says No
A.E. Stallings: Billboards


Amy Arthur: “The stranger morning that would come”: Betty Adcock’s Rough Fugue and Claudia Emerson’s Claude Before Time and Space

Michael Autrey: To Speak from Experience: Thoughts on Frank Bidart’s Interviews

Jody Gladding: “Small Lives: Translating Pierre Michon” by Elizabeth Deshays

Rachel Hadas: Review of Harry Thomas’ The Truth of Two

David Havird: “Near the End”: Otherworld, Underworld, Prayer Porch by David Bottoms

Andre Hulet: “Whose Bones Are These, Seahorse?”: A Review of Sabrina Orah Mark’s Wild Milk

Sunil Iyengar: A Truce with Disillusionment: On David Yezzi’s Black Sea

Kjerstin Kauffman: Momentum and Breath: on Elise Partridge’s The If Borderlands & Stephen Kampa’s Articulate as Rain

Paul S. Rowe: Performance vs. Thingification: Linguistic Action and the Indigenous Literatures of Dawnland Voices

Jan Schreiber: Tensile Strength: Susan Spear’s Beyond All Bearing

Lisa Russ Spaar: Ecstasy’s Prosody: The “suasive turnings” of Stephen Cushman’s Hothead

Timothy Steele: On Helen Pinkerton


Chad Abushanab: The Dive
Chad Abushanab: Missing
Kim Addonizio: High Desert, New Mexico
Lucy Alford: Periwinkle
Michelle Boisseau: As the Crow Flies
Michelle Boisseau: A Country Known to Prayer Alone
Bruce Bond: Zion
Bruce Bond: Fable
Kelly Cherry: Cain Apologizing to His Dead Brother
Kelly Cherry: Summing Up
George David Clark: Shiversong
Bill Coyle: “It never ceases to unnerve me…”
Bill Coyle: “Day is fairest as it wanes…”
Stephen Dunn: The Difference Between Us
John Foy: Bile
John Foy: Boxer Shorts
J.P. Grasser: Simple Machine
Jason Gray: The Pillars of Creation
Andrew Hudgins: Down to the River
Andrew Hudgins: Made in Switzerland
George Kalogeris: Arlington National Cemetery
Hailey Leithauser: Cobblestones
Hailey Leithauser: Sweet Song
Timothy Liu: Ars Poetica: At Fifty
Jill McDonough: Our Star
Maurice Manning: The Gospel of Music
Leslie Monsour: Clockwork Ravens
Timothy Murphy: Putting Back to Sea
D.A. Powell: Shades Thereof
Jennifer Reeser: To Timothy Murphy, Regarding Russell and Remington
J. Allyn Rosser: Farewell Reception
J.D. Smith: Song
Jane Springer: Viola Pantoum
Jane Springer: Martyr May I?
Deborah Warren: Pressure
James Matthew Wilson: To Ernest Hilbert


Chris Childers: Archilochus 122
Chris Childers: Horace i.2
Chris Childers: Horace i.3
Chris Childers: Horace i.4