Issue 11:2

Literary Matters 11.2
Winter 2019

Flannery O’Connor at Andalusia, circa 1957.
*This is the first publication of this rare photograph.*
Photo courtesy of the private collection of Dr. Martha Wilson.
For reprint permissions, please contact Literary Matters.


Alan Shapiro: from Space that Sees: A Posthumous / Pre-Posthumous Dialogue between C.K. Williams and Alan Shapiro


Ned Balbo: The Now That Is Snow: A Review of Elizabeth Spires’ A Memory of the Future

Maryann Corbett: A Late Look Back, and Forward: Mary Jo Salter’s The Surveyors

Kathleen Hull: Calamities and Candlepins: Elizabeth McCracken’s Bowlaway

Sunil Iyengar: Surviving the Silence: On a Long Poem by Christian Wiman

Noah Jampol: The Block Fire of the Vanities: A Review of Brian Platzer’s Bed-Stuy is Burning

Peter McDonald: A Review of A.E. Stallings’ translation of Hesiod’s Works and Days

Lee Oser: The Catholic Writer and The Benedict Option

Michael Rutherglen: Counterpoint: Rhythm and Meaning in Milton and Hopkins

Daniel Tay: The Responsibility of the Reader: A Review of The Reciprocal Translation Project

Harry Thomas: Introduction to Poems About Trees


Andrew Hungate: New Styles for Criticism: Interview with Jeff Dolven


John Wall Barger : A Briefe & Marveyllous Hystory of Franklin
Michelle Boisseau: Skarn
Michelle Boisseau: Suite 520
Daniel Brown: Standing
Daniel Brown: Where We Are
George David Clark: A Few Keys
George David Clark: Migraine
Cally Conan-Davies: Banana Boat with Sharks
Cally Conan Davies: Star Sestina
Armen Davoudian: For Grandfather
Armen Davoudian: Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow
Jonathan Farmer: Temper
Amy Gerstler: Woman With Her Throat Slit
Juliana Gray: Skipping a Friend’s Barbecue Because the Invitation Said ‘Family Friendly’
Juliana Gray: Visiting My Mother
Rachel Hadas: Departure
Rachel Hadas: Threshold and Mirror: The Biography
Derrick Harriell: Kingdom of Nothing
Leslie Harrison: [Charm against Sorrow]
David Kirby: A Gawky Girl with Braces
Karl Kirchwey: Cabin in the Woods
Karl Kirchwey: The Children’s Crusade
Elisabeth Kramp: Black Ice
Amy Lemmon: The Miracles
Amy Lemmon: Another Day
Timothy Liu: Against Myth
Amit Majmudar: Weathervanes
Maurice Manning: Memories of an Omnipotent God
David Mason: Under the Peppermint Gums
Peter McDonald: Unpacking the Michelangelo
Angela Alaimo O’Donnell: Flannery’s Quandary
D.A. Powell: The Fortune Telling Palm
J. Allyn Rosser: Riches
Harry Thomas: Ghazal
Anne-Marie Thompson: Close to Home
Anne-Marie Thompson: Saying It


Nicholas Friedman: Alfonsina Storni’s “Funeral Notices”
Gabrielle Ponce: Francisco de Quevedo’s “Constant Love”