Issue 11:3

Literary Matters 11.3
Spring / Summer 2019

Prose Feature:

David Mason: Incarnation and Metamorphosis


Michael Autrey: On the “Extreme Silentness” of W.S. Graham

Maryann Corbett: A Review of Emily Grosholz’s The Stars of the Earth

David Havird: The Permanence of the Temporary: Like by A.E. Stallings

Andre Hulet: The Pragmatic Stylist: On Michael Collier’s My Bishop and Other Poems

Kjerstin Kauffman: Inadequacy Battles the Immense: On Rachel Hadas’s Poems for Camilla

Eric McHenry: Mr Bleaney and the Bean Eaters

Fred Marchant: Trapézika: A Review of George Kalogeris’ Guide to Greece

Diana Senechal: “A Crack in Eternity? Béla Markó’s Grass Blade on the Rock,” translated from the Hungarian of Marianna Fekete

Matthew Buckley Smith: Omnibus Review of Terrance Hayes, Charles Martin, Natasha Trethewey

Victor Strandberg: A Review of T.S. Eliot’s Dialectical Imagination by Jewel Spears Brooker


Melissa Balmain: The Lake Speaks to the Summer People
John Wall Barger: The Most Handsome Man in the Neighborhood
Anna Lena Phillips Bell: Floss
Bruce Bond: Peacock
Bruce Bond: The Republic
Fred Chappell: Five Poems
Cally Conan-Davies: Instead of Elegy
Armen Davoudian: The Yellow Swan
Ann Fisher-Wirth: Prague
Amy Gerstler: Tooth Fairy Sonnet
Rachel Hadas: Cento on the Beach
Barbara Hamby Ode to Botticelli and the Beginning of Spring
Barbara Hamby: Ode to the Brides of India
Leslie Harrison: Migration
Leslie Harrison: [Prayer for seven years]
Charles Hughes: Tabula Rasa Revisited
Sunil Iyengar: Shore Leave
Kjerstin Anne Kauffman: Riverwalk, 37 Weeks Pregnant
Kjerstin Anne Kauffman: Visit
David Kirby: The Pitti Palace
David Kirby: Bernardo Buontalenti
Karl Kirchwey: Gold Fibula
David Lehman: You’re My Thrill
Amit Majmudar: Deaths of the Eminent Philosophers
Amit Majmudar: Combat
Maurice Manning: Two Shadows
David Mason: The Solitude of Work
A.F. Moritz: Silence and Song
Hannah Louise Poston: Aubade
Hannah Louise Poston: Song for the Women Poets
Jane Satterfield: Which Brontë Sister Are You?
Jane Satterfield: Night
Elizabeth Spires: Sparrow’s Homily
Adrienne Su: The Second Menu
Adrienne Su: Sizzling Rice Soup
Will Toedtman: Awake
JS Venit: Notes to Self
William Walsh: Lydia, My Waitress, Serves Me Coffee
James Matthew Wilson: Sloth
David Yezzi: One Hundred Umbrellas


Chris Childers: Mimnermus 2, from the Ancient Greek
Rika Lesser: “Spring Suite,” from the Swedish of Elisabeth Rynell
Richard Berengarten and Paschalis Nikolaou: “Translating Brecht,” from the Greek of Yorgos Kentrotis
Diana Senechal: “Standing Point,” from the Hungarian of Gyula Jenei
Diana Senechal: “Chess,” from the Hungarian of Gyula Jenei