Issue 12:1

Literary Matters 12.1
(Fall, 2019)

2018 Meringoff Prize Winners:


Miriam Grossman: Hush


Caitlin Doyle : The World’s Weight : Artifice and Reality in Richard Wilbur’s Poetry


Bruce Bond: Skull

Deborah Warren: Down-to-Earth


Ned Balbo: Perennials on Fire: Ekphrastic Transformations in Adam Vines’ Out of Speech

John Wall Barger: The Sublime Cacophony of Ernest Hilbert

Daniel Brown: A Poet Sings the Blues

Rachel Hadas: Translated Objects

Andre Hulet: “You Make Your Life, Your Life Gets Made”: The Weight of Inheritance in James Arthur’s The Suicide’s Son

Stephen Kampa: Three Varieties of Pleasure: Dean Rader’s Self-Portrait as Wikipedia Entry

Mary Maxwell: Other People’s Children: Kate Daniels’s In the Months of My Son’s Recovery

Paul Rowe: Rejecting Divinity: The Heretical Christ of Milton’s Paradise Regained

Jane Satterfield: Out West With the Ancient of Days: A Review of John Poch’s Texases

Diana Senechal: “A Wild Clarity”: John Wall Barger’s The Mean Game


John Balaban: Prince Buu Hoi’s Watch
Melissa Balmain: To Mom, in the Beyond
John Foy: Coyotes
Nicholas Friedman: Owls
Jane Greer: After the Fall
Rachel Hadas: Riders, Parthenon Frieze
Rachel Hadas: Same Screen
Barbara Hamby: Ode to My Younger Self
Barbara Hamby: Ode to My Prison
Ashley Mace Havird: Dementia: American Pickers
Ashley Mace Havird: Suitcase
David Havird: Vanishing Point
Samuel Hazo: Backyard Zoo
Didi Jackson: Spring Peepers at Flanders Hill
Didi Jackson: The Fox
Stephen Kampa: Upon Perusing a Volume of Systematic Theology
Marcia Karp: The Good Man
Kjerstin Anne Kauffman: Left Wine
Ted Kooser: Driving to Dwight
David Lehman: Hurrahing in Hopkins
William Logan: Agassiz’s Desert Tortoise
A.F. Moritz: Naked to All Interpretation
A.F. Moritz: All One Limit
Lee Oser: Apollo 13
Oliver de la Paz: Diaspora 63
John Poch: Shadow
Hannah Louise Poston: The Hunter
Hannah Louise Poston: Ode to My Hands
Jane Satterfield: On a Copy of Ted Hughes’ New and Selected Inscribed by a Mr. Blake
Jan Schreiber: The Shaft
Elizabeth Spires: My Mother’s Pen
Adrienne Su: Canary
Harry Thomas: Lovework
Will Toedtman: Anniversary Poem
Will Toedtman: Still Life
Peter Vertacnik: The Viewer
Claire Wahmanholm: Four Erasures From Virgil


Chris Childers: Sappho 55
Chris Childers: Alcaeus 38a
Chris Childers: Alcaeus 347
Diana Senechal: “Piano” from the Hungarian of Gyula Jenei
Diana Senechal: “Cemetery” from the Hungarian of Gyula Jenei
Diana Senechal: “Madeleine” from the Hungarian of Gyula Jenei
Peter Vertacnik: “Fall” from the German of Rainer Maria Rilke