Issue 12:2

Literary Matters12.2
(Winter, 2020)
i.m. John T. Irwin

Frank Gallimore, ‘A Murder.’

Lee Oser: ALSCW President’s Column

A Garland for Harold Bloom

Mark Edmundson: Harold Bloom Up Close
Joseph Harrison: Remembering Harold Bloom
David Lehman: Every Inch a Genius
Thylias Moss: Friday the Thirteenth of Shawsheen Clabbering Tastes Budding: Full Bloom
Grace Schulman: Remembering Harold Bloom
Willard Spiegelman: Harold Bloom: A Grateful Reminiscence
Ernest Suarez: Remembering Harold
Rosanna Warren: On Harold Bloom


J.P. Gritton: The Golden Youth


J.P. Gritton in Conversation with Matthew Buckley Smith


Scott Bartley: A World in a Grain of Sand: Mosses and Lichens, by Devin Johnston

Vera Fibisan: One for Sorrow: Ann Fisher-Wirth’s The Bones of Winter Birds

Florian Gargaillo: ‘Siren voices lost at dawn’: Nancy Cunard, T.S. Eliot, and the Place of the Artist

Jane Greer: Greatness, Marginalization, and an Endangered Species: Dana Gioia’s The Catholic Writer Today and Other Essays

Stephen Kampa: The Ordinary and the Ornate: Carl Dennis and Richard Kenney

Matthew Buckley Smith: About Suffering: A Review of Morri Creech’s Blue Rooms

Daniel Tobin: ‘The Eternal and the Axe’: On Szílard Borbély’s Final Matters: Selected Poems 2004-2010

Deborah Warren: Everything is Light: Frozen Charlotte by Susan de Sola


J. Chester Johnson: ‘In Memoriam,’ an excerpt from Damaged Heritage: The Elaine Race Massacre and A Story of Reconciliation


Frank Gallimore: A Gallery
Frank Gallimore: Artist’s Statement


Austin Allen: A Ballad for George Bailey
Austin Allen: For Grigori Perelman
Bruce Bond: from Narcissus in the Underworld: 1-8
Carmen Bugan: And now, the words
Carmen Bugan: Love
Morri Creech: Mileage
Morri Creech: Giving Myself Up
John Foy: One Hundred Pounds of Myrrh
John Foy: The Bank
Jane Greer: Old Dog
Rachel Hadas: Teaching the Tigers
Joseph Harrison: The Compromised Ventriloquist
Ashley Mace Havird: Turtle and Snake
David Havird: Oracle
Samuel Hazo: Mirror, Mirror
Didi Jackson: Everyone Says I Should Write a Love Poem
Stephen Kampa: Handsome Devils
Jean L. Kreiling: Birdwatchers
A.F. Moritz: High Windows
Meryl Natchez: Full Circle, A Diptych
Meryl Natchez: Lying on the massage table at the mudbaths
G.M. Palmer: There Are No Exit Wounds
Oliver de la Paz: Diaspora 64
Oliver de la Paz: Diaspora 65
Brendan Rabon: Caroline Lamb
Jay Rogoff: Punta Marina
Grace Schulman: Moment in Rapallo
Grace Schulman: Alive and Well: Tomb Sculptures in the Staglieno Cemetery
Alan Shapiro: An Arrangement
Harry Thomas: Eight Haiku
Anne-Marie Thompson: The Return
Anne-Marie Thompson: The Secret Sound
Catherine Tufariello: Second Act Problems
Claire Wahmanholm: Hunger
Lesley Wheeler: Even Wheels Have Edges


Rylen Sigman: ‘Seascape,’ from the French of Paul Verlaine

A Note from the ALSCW’s Sponsored Fellow at the Vermont Studio Center:

Michael Vizsolyi: Breaking Down the Inner Wall