Issue 12:3

Literary Matters 12.3
(Spring / Summer, 2020)

Lee Oser: President’s Column

Feature: Amit Majmudar

Amit Majmudar: The Enchantments
Amit Majmudar: The Enigma Machine
Amit Majmudar: Echolocation
Amit Majmudar: The Rumi Variations


Caitlin Doyle: A Lens That Doesn’t Veil the View: Amit Majmudar in Conversation


Gail Hareven: Hiroshima, translated from the Hebrew by David Stromberg

Julie Houston: Traveling Light


Ned Balbo: “Words, We Ask the World of You”: Listening to Vanished Voices

Nicole M. Coonradt: Time Ghost: Eleanor Wilner’s Before Our Eyes: New and Selected Poems, 1975-2017

Benjamin Goluboff: John Balaban’s Empires: The Poetry of Witness

Jane Greer: Form is the Engine, Family the Freight: Two New Books of Poetry by Ned Balbo

David Havird: Small Gardens: Lilies from America: New and Selected Poems 2004-2019 by Carmen Bugan

Kjerstin Anne Kauffman: Bowels and Tapestries: On Paisley Rekdal’s Nightingale

Amit Majmudar: Towards an Evolutionary Theory of Poetry

G.M. Palmer: Still Life Studies: Review of Chelsea Rathburn’s Still Life with Mother and Knife

Daniel Tobin: Poetry’s Native Country: On Mark Jarman’s Dailiness

Rosanna Warren: A Saga of Mothers and Daughters: On Honor Moore’s Our Revolution

Austin Allen: Settled
Austin Allen: The Gods of Poetry
James Brasfield: Etruscans at Monterchi
James Brasfield: At St. John the Divine, Thinking of Melville
Carmen Bugan: Letter from New York
Carmen Bugan: For the time being
Jonathan Cannon: You Are
Jennifer Clarvoe: Throwaway Gesture
Peter Cole: Aleph
Peter Cole: Tet
Maryann Corbett: Sorrowful Mysteries
Maryann Corbett: Lavoro all’Uncinetto
Morri Creech: Time
Morri Creech: The Reason
Jane Greer: Harm
Martha Hollander: Evisceration of a Roebuck, With a Married Couple
Martha Hollander: Friday Harbor
Didi Jackson: Considering Elaine de Kooning’s Self-Portrait #3
George Kalogeris: Just My Imagination
Brad Leithauser: Prism Cell
David Mason: The Air in Tasmania
Srikanth Reddy: Summer
Grace Schulman: That Summer
Grace Schulman: Moon Plant
Grace Schulman: Gone
Alan Shapiro: Wedding Tent
Catherine Tufariello: In Memoriam
Claire Wahmanholm: You Will Soon Enter a Land Where Everything Will Try to Kill You
Lesley Wheeler: Gran Torino Gigan
James Matthew Wilson: From the Dream Journals of Dennis Devlin
James Matthew Wilson: This Marvelous Being


Chris Childers: The Satyr, from the French of Victor Hugo

Alfred Corn: Duino Elegy ii from the German of Rainer Maria Rilke

Richard Sieburth: from The Voyage to an Island Tongue by Jacques Darras