Issue 14.2

Literary Matters 14.2

(Winter 2022)

Hot Rocks Feature

Garrett Hongo: Wild Horses
Garrett Hongo: What’s Going On, Robert Hayden?
T.R. Hummer: An Interview with Garrett Hongo


Lydia Conklin: Blue Hamburger Hour


John Balaban: War Poetry, Political Poetry, and the Invisible Powers

Ned Balbo: Fluent Phrases in a Silver Chain (Omnibus Review: Al Basile, Anna Lena Phillips-Bell, Robyn Hitchcock, Quincy Lehr, Mike Mattison & Ernest Suarez, Alexis Sears)

Brian Brodeur: Not Even the Future’s Like It Used to Be: Rita Dove’s Apocalyptic Anthems

Jennifer Clarvoe: “A Line that Bears its Leveling Pain”: The Craft of George Kalogeris’ Winthropos

Maryann Corbett: The Monsters and the Translators: Grappling with Beowulf in the Third Millennium


Maurya Simon: Time Sits High on a Throne of Calcium: An Interview with Robert Mezey (Pt. 2)


Austin Allen: Tulipmania
Austin Allen: An Incomplete History of Christian Science
David Baker: Art of Pottery
David Baker: Late Tableau at Roadside
Beverley Bie Brahic: Blackberry Clafoutis
Beverley Bie Brahic: Jimmy
John Foy: At Sea
Jeff Hardin: Concerning Explanations
Jeff Hardin: Sleepy Town
Jonathan Locke Hart: Ode to Sao
Ernest Hilbert: Wintergreen Barberry
Eleanor Kedney: Women Pruning Pear Trees
April Lindner: Good Girl
Charles Martin: A Man of 1974
Orlando Ricardo Menes: Letter to José Lezama Lima
Orlando Ricardo Menes: Minotaur
Jane Satterfield: Haworth of Other Days
Jane Satterfield: Incantation for a Vanished Visitor
Grace Schulman: Confessions of a Nun
Grace Schulman: Letter from Paul Celan
Susan Delaney Spear: Restored
Anne-Marie Thompson: In the Dream You Are Alive
Peter Vertacnik: False Elegy Beginning with the Moon
Henry Walters: Clue
William Wenthe: Nature Writing


Paschalis Nikolaou: An Aeneid in New York: An Interview with Rachel Hadas


Diana Senechal: Constant Slashing (from the Hungarian of Csenger Kertai)
Diana Senechal: Mercy (from the Hungarian of Csenger Kertai)
Bruce Weigl: Slaughterhouse, Chapter 4 (from the Vietnamese of Nguyen Quang Thieu)
Bruce Weigl: Slaughterhouse, Chapter 5 (from the Vietnamese of Nguyen Quang Thieu)
Bruce Weigl: Slaughterhouse, Chapter 6 (from the Vietnamese of Nguyen Quang Thieu)