Issue 14.3

Literary Matters 14.3

(Spring, 2022)

Photo credit: Joan Romano Shifflett


Ethan Chatagnier: Patron Saint of the Jumbotron


Caitlin Doyle: The Poetic Ear Can’t Go Out of Style: A Conversation with Mary Jo Salter


John Wall Barger: In Proximity to Oblivion: A Review of Louise Glück’s Winter Recipes from the Collective

Paul Dean: Robbe-Grillet’s Selfies

Jane Greer: “What Is There I Will Not Let Go?”: Two New Books by Rachel Hadas

Sunil Iyengar: Overripeness Is All: On Dralyuk’s Poetic Premiere

Kjerstin Anne Kauffman: Spells & Structure, Structure, Structure: On C. Dale Young’s Prometeo & Marcia Karp’s If By Song 

Patrick Kearney: Impotence and Overripe Grapes: Cultural Decadence in T.S. Eliot’s Early Poetry

Jane Satterfield: “Bodies Pushing Words Beyond the Real”: Four Poets of Cataclysm and Connection


Fatemeh Shams: Complication (from the Persian of Baktash Abtin)

Fatemeh Shams: Restoring the Human (from the Persian of Baktash Abtin)

Fatemeh Shams: Homeland (from the Persian of Baktash Abtin)

Bruce Weigl: Slaughterhouse, Chapter 7 (from the Vietnamese of Nguyen Quang Thieu)

Bruce Weigl: Slaughterhouse, Chapter 8 (from the Vietnamese of Nguyen Quang Thieu)


Ryan Wilson: The Well Fed by Everlasting Springs: A Conversation with Robert B. Shaw


Austin Allen: Ceci N’est Pas
David Baker: The Rain
David Baker: The Same Rain
Carmen Bugan: Pollen rains
Floyd Collins: Narcissus to the Muse
Alfred Corn: Maud, In Memoriam
Cally Conan-Davies: The Bastard Wing
Cally Conan-Davies: Elegy on Bleached Coral
Nicholas Friedman: Ex Machina
Jeff Hardin: In Search of a Chapel Built in Our Midst
Jeff Hardin: Partial View
Jodie Hollander: Glacier Lilies
Rodney Jones: The Death of Joshua Vinzant
Eleanor Kedney: Idiopathic Infertility Phenomenon
Eleanor Kedney: Infertility Compendium
April Lindner: One Perfect Bubble
Orlando Ricardo Menes: First Communion
Orlando Ricardo Menes: Triptych Number 3: Victor Manuel
Orlando Ricardo Menes: The Magnificent Jeremiah Expounds upon the Impending Doom of Miami
Jennifer Reeser: Hawaii Five-O with Grandfather
Grace Schulman: Scallop Shell
Robert Selby: Part 1, V (from The Kentish Rebellion)
Anne-Marie Thompson: Heart Is
Anne-Marie Thompson: Mighty Gas Car
Will Toedtman: First Night
Wendy Videlock: In the Shower
Henry Walters: Duet
Henry Walters: Metempsychosis
William Wenthe: Cleaning Up
Robert Wrigley: Camp Robber
Robert Wrigley: The Gap


Rachel Hadas: “Though Much Is Taken, Much Abides”: Fifteen Years of Literature & Medicine

Maurya Simon: Fire Undressed My Bones: Remembering Bert Meyers