Issue 15.2

Literary Matters 15.2

(Winter, 2023)


Amina Gautier: Howl

Amina Gautier: You’ll Go

Amina Gautier: Why Not?

Prose Feature

Mary Jo Salter: Our Auden


Ned Balbo: “For When the Days Seem Absent Any Prayers”: Poets of Skepticism and Faith (Garcia, May, Hardin, O’Donnell, Espaillat, Menes)

Brian Brodeur: “There Is One End for Everyone”: Trends and Traditions in Contemporary American Ballads

Jane Greer: “A poet, dangerous and steep”: Reintroducing Josephine Jacobsen

Kjerstin Anne Kauffman: Work Done? David Mason’s Pacific Light

Maurice Manning: Place and the Composition of the Poetic Self

Daniel Cross Turner: Rediscovering Southern Poetry

Peter Vertacnik: Nibbling Animals: Jason Guriel’s On Browsing & James Pollock’s Durable Goods


Todd Hearon & Gregory Brown: “Caliban in Afterlife”: Reimagining Shakespeare’s Monster in Music and Words


Chad Abushanab: First Snow
Austin Allen: The Philosophers
John Wall Barger: Wolfness
Bruce Bond: Psalm
Charmaine Cadeau: Parable
Danielle Chapman: Our Twenties
Danielle Chapman: A Sorrow
Brian Culhane: Lost Vocabularies
J.P. Grasser: The Condors
Jason Gray: Snake in the Door
Rachel Hadas: Voyage
Sarah Haman: My Body for the Birds
Sarah Haman: On Fake Flowers
Ernest Hilbert: The Village
Sunil Iyengar: Shaming Sherlock
Daniel Johnson: Three Days in County Mayo
Jennifer Judge: Creation Myth
Stephen Kampa: Someone Else’s Gift
David Lehman: “Happy the Man Who Stays Awake in the Dark”
Amit Majmudar: Jargon
Amit Majmudar: Charmed Life
Sebastian Matthews: Not So Great
Shane McCrae: I Saw a Shimmering Light
Mary Meriam: The Stricken Deer
Mary Meriam: in memoriam
Aaron Poochigian: As Good as Church
Philip Schultz: Just Down the Street
Robert B. Shaw: Another Mystery
Ron Slate: Tblisi / Baku
Amy Strieter: If We Could Go As Seals
Wendy Videlock: Dear Brother
David Yezzi: Plague Letter


Kelly Scott Franklin: from “Stanzas on the Death of His Father” (from the Spanish of Jorge Manrique)

Aaron Poochigian: A Song of Chang-Kan (from the Chinese of Li Bai)

Luke Stromberg: About Poor B.B. (from the German of Bertolt Brecht)

Luke Stromberg: The Night We Couldn’t Sleep (from the Spanish of Federico Garcia Lorca)

Hot Rocks Feature

A Note from the Editors of Hot Rocks

James Dowthwaite and Andrew Goss: Introduction to a Special Issue on Poetry and Populism

Andrew Gross: Poetry and the Public Sphere: Ellen Hinsey, a Poet of Our Time

Jessica Bundschuh: Inclusionary Engagement of the Lyrical ‘We’: Denise Levertov’s Challenge to a Populist Polarization of the Vietnam War

Christopher Suarez: Populism and Experimental Ecopoetics: Ed Roberson’s City Eclogue

James Dowthwaite: ‘Fear God and the Stupidity of the Populace’: Pound, Eliot, and High Modernism between Populism and Esotericism

Marco Antolin: The International Brigades in the Poetry of the Spanish Civil War: Populist Rhetorical Strategies

Justin Patch: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the DIY Aesthetic

Ellen Hinsey: The Method

Joshua Weiner: Why Trumpoems?

Joshua Weiner: Trumpoems