Issue 15.3

Literary Matters 15.3

(Spring, 2023)



Caitlin Doyle: “Branching Ever-Outward” on the Page: A Conversation with Carl Phillips


Robin Tung: The Pits

Travel Pieces

Sebastian Matthews: At the Frida Kahlo Museo, Playa del Carmen
Sebastian Matthews: VW Bug Litany


Ned Balbo: Beloved Communities, Lasting Divisions: Poets on Country, Culture, and Kinship

John Wall Barger: Club Silencio

Brian Brodeur: Rhyme’s Crimes

Cynthia Lewis: The Coen Brothers and Shakespearean Tragedy

Maurice Manning: Birds of America

Ethan McGuire: Everything Old is New Again: A.E. Stallings and This Afterlife

Joshua Eric Williams: Ekphrasis & The Lennon Lyric: A Review of Lynchings: Postcards from America


Chad Abushanab: Thaw
Alice Allan: Brief Histories
Ned Balbo: At the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine
Elijah Perseus Blumov: The Clarinet
Carmen Bugan: Holy Communion
Danielle Chapman: Apologies to Borges
Danielle Chapman: Tulip Tree
Cameron Clark: Sick, the Blind Poet Stares at the Moon
Jeanne Foster: Black Candelabras
Jeanne Foster: Lepre
Rachel Hadas: Chelydra Serpentina
Rachel Hadas: Bread and Honey
David Havird: Dead Low
Samuel Hazo: God, Country, And
Stephen Kampa: Where I’d Be Happy
David Lehman: Avian Hymns
Hailey Leithauser: As to Button Mushrooms
Hailey Leithauser: Corpse Finder
Timothy Liu: A Visitation
Maurice Manning: Why Poor Old Mama Took to Bed
Charles Martin: So Many Hiding…
Christopher Miles: The Cloud Farm
Richard Newman: Spring at Last in the Middle Atlas Mountains
Carl Phillips: Familiar in What Way
D.A. Powell: Trigger Warning
Aaron Poochigian: After Absolute Failure
Supritha Rajan: Inventory
Supritha Rajan: Fly Ball
Jan Schreiber: Midwest, 1955
Philip Schultz: My Mistakes
Daniel Tobin: The Sand Painting
Lesley Wheeler: Ups And
Joshua Williams: Breaking Out


Daniel Tobin: The Way (after the German of Rainer Maria Rilke)
Daniel Tobin: Interval (after the German of Rainer Maria Rilke)
Daniel Tobin: The Ruin (after the Anglo-Saxon)

Hot Rocks Feature

Christopher Coffman: Clowns in the Burying Ground: Ovid, William Shakespeare, & the Grateful Dead

Stephen Cushman: Euclid at Midday by Pond on Scorcher

Stephen Cushman: Euclid with Time on His Hands

Mark Edmundson: Grief and Grievances: The Example of T.S. Eliot

John Savoie: From the Aegean Islands to the Gulf Stream Waters: Epic Catalogue, Lyric Geography, and the Evolution of a Topos

Diana Senechal: “Felzizeg”: On the Onomatopoeia of a Song