Issue 16.3

Literary Matters 16.3

(Spring/Summer, 2024)


Letter from the Editor

Ryan Wilson: Ave atque Vale


Caitlin Doyle: The Questions Carry Us Forward: A Conversation with Adrian Matejka

Featured Poet

Orlando Ricardo Menes: Talking to William Blake

Orlando Ricardo Menes: Oliver Cromwell Perorates on Cuba

Orlando Ricardo Menes: Havana, 1955

Orlando Ricardo Menes: Insula Cuba in the Reign of Caesar Fidelis Castrus

Orlando Ricardo Menes: Michel de Montaigne’s Apologia for the Xenomorph


Ned Balbo: Poverty’s Price & History’s Measure: Adam Tavel’s Sum Ledger

Elijah Perseus Blumov: The Poet Laureate of Crushed Dreams: Midlife and the Artistry of Matthew Buckley Smith

Betsy K. Brown: Poetry as Conversation: A Review of Jane Scharl’s Ponds

Paul Dean: The Annals of Annie Ernaux

Joshua Hren: The Dumb Ox & The Good Samaritan: A Double Review

Matthew Kirby: Christian Wiman’s Poetics of Spiritual Survival

Timothy Kleiser: A Kingdom of Mediacy: On Maurice Manning & Snakedoctor

Mary Grace Mangano: The Poet-Philosopher-Nun of “New Spain”

James Prather: Fama Flammaeque Furentes

Jay Rogoff: Out of This World

Michael Rutherglen: Dickinson’s Nimble Subjunctive

John Savoie: Reading Large: The First Folio, the Invention of Shakespeare, and the Moral Luck of the Flower Princess

Matthew Buckley Smith: The Strange Heart: A Review of Morri Creech’s The Sentence

Erick Verran: Exit Ghost: A Review of Callie Siskel’s Two Minds


Katy Carl: A Provincial Education


Brian Brodeur: “Every Word Is a World”: A Conversation with A. E. Stallings


J.P. Gritton: The Nurse Attending


Tessa Berman: Can I Have Five More Minutes

Brian Brodeur: Beeches

Brian Brodeur: Travelogue

Brian Brodeur: Field

Daniel Brown: Particularity

David Caplan: Mornings Like This

Christine Casson: Even the Ant

Maryann Corbett: A Northerner Visits the Springtime

Alfred Corn: Pine

James Davis: To an Early Role Model

William Virgil Davis: Persephone in Stillness

William Virgil Davis: William Dean Howells Revisits Fresh Pond

Jeanne Foster: At the Poet’s Birthplace

Jeanne Foster: Song for a Lucertola

John Foy: Water Comes Out

Regan Green: Dyersburg Fairview Cemetery

Rachel Hadas: The Truth as Well

Rachel Hadas: Seminar by Starlight

Judith Harris: Walking Home from Market

Judith Harris: Saint’s Day, Arles, France 1943

Katie Hartsock: What Killed the Boys They Loved When They Were Young

Katie Hartsock: Prophets

Anna Maria Hong: Castanets 71

Julie Kane: Across a Crowded Room

Julie Kane: Every Mardi Gras Day

Matthew Kirby: Noon Light at Rite Aid

Ted Kooser: Just Once

Ted Kooser: Vista

Brad Leithauser: A Single Flight

Brad Leithauser: Icarus and His Kid Brother

Brad Leithauser: Some Stranger’s Passport

Emily Leithauser: Cups on a String

Emily Leithauser: September Anniversary

Emily Leithauser: Late Things

Hailey Leithauser: Canticle of the Back Burner

Mary Grace Mangano: Watch

Charles Martin: On the Coming Extinctions

Charles Martin: On the Problem of Bears

Adrian Matejka: Another Circus

Forester McClatchey: Wild Azaleas

Forester McClatchey: Wringing Lilies from the Acorn

Jacqueline Osherow: Little Crown for the Alentejo

Christian Paulisich: Sandcastles in the Air

John Poch: Aperitivo in Prati

John Poch: I Am

Supritha Rajan: Field Guide

John Riley: Maude Abrantes

Jan Scheiber: Approaching Sleep

Richard Sieburth: Other Minds

Robert B. Shaw: Good Friday

JS Venit: Widows’ Chase


Robert Bernard Hass: Wulf and Eadwacer (from the Anglo-Saxon)

Joshua Mehigan: Remorse (from the Spanish of Jorge Luis Borges)

Joshua Mehigan: The Eel (from the Italian of Eugenio Montale)

Julie Steiner: On an Image of Kairos (from the Greek of Posidippus)

Julie Steiner: On an Image of Opportunity and Regret (from the Latin of Ausonius)


Elizabeth Denton: Cookies


Paul Dean: Beyond ESKER: Learning French in England

Featured Poet

Morri Creech: Scholars

Morri Creech: Book of Night

Morri Creech: Watch

Morri Creech: Conclusion