Issue 9:1

Fall 2016

A Note from John Briggs, President of ALSCW

2015 Meringoff Prize Winners:

Robert B. Shaw: Ferrying
Al Basile: A Straw in the Wind
John Koelsch: Final Day

Critical Feature
A Double-Take on Seamus Heaney’s Aeneid Book VI:

Chris Childers: The Heaneid
Maggie Greaves: Back to the Light: Seamus Heaney’s Virgilian Quest

Scholarship and Criticism:

Joseph Boyne:  Reassessing the Reassessment: John Glass on Allen Tate
Kjerstin Kauffman: The Beatitudes of Rowan
Randolph Runyon: Sequential Patterning in the Decameron and the Heptaméron
Jane Satterfield: Treasures Reclaimed: The Collected Poems of Adrienne Rich
Rosanna Warren: Two Spells: Buffam and Levis


On the Continuum: An Interview with Abriana Jetté by Wesley Rothman
The More Difficult Task: An Interview with Brad Leithauser by Ryan Wilson


Austin Allen: In Mudville
David Bottoms: An Old Enemy
David Bottoms: Young Nurse, VA Hospital, 1945
David Bottoms: All Beggars Would Ride
Sheyna E. Gifford: Last Wild Note
A. E. Stallings: Empathy
A. E. Stallings: Fog


Chris Childers: Alcman 26
Chris Childers: Sappho 31
Chris Childers: Catullus 51

Notes on a Local Meeting:

Michael Autrey: Henri Cole at the University of Chicago, October 22, 2015.