Issue 9:2

Literary Matters 9:2
The International Issue

This issue of Literary Matters is dedicated to the memory of Judith Ortiz Cofer.

Editor’s Preface

A Note from the President of the ALSCW:

Ernest Suarez: Heart Beats, Drum Beats, and Tidal Wave Sentences

Featured Double-Take:

Marjorie Perloff: “On The Hatred of Poetry
Matthew Buckley Smith: “On Ben Lerner’s The Hatred of Poetry

2016 Meringoff Winners:

Winner of the 2016 Meringoff Prize for Fiction:
Helen Storey: Two (Non-Consecutive) Chapters from the novel, Gris-Gris

Winner of the 2016 Meringoff High School Essay Contest:
Nichole Woch: “Melville, Anti-Transcendentalism, & Democracy: Moby-Dick as a Cautionary Tale”


Robert Archambeau: “Little Boots: On Ernest Hilbert’s Caligulan
Kelly Cherry: “Review of The Borrowed World: Poems by Emily Leithauser”
Meg Lamont: “When a Text Isn’t Funny Anymore: Ovid’s Art of Love
Nicolas Pesques: “Traduire: Jouer,” translated by Adelaide Russo
Robert B. Shaw: “On Pleasures of the Game by Austin Allen”
Anthony Topoleski: “On Håkan Sandell’s Dog Star Notations, translated by Bill Coyle”

Neglected Authors Feature:

Mary DiSalvo: “Patrizia Cavalli: Inverted Verse, Subverted Expectations, and the Trials of Translation”


Judith Ortiz Cofer: Las Muchachas
David Havird: “With Archibald MacLeish Outside DeBruhl’s Café”


Eugenio Baroncelli: “Agrippa Postumus,” translated by Chenxin Jiang
Eugenio Baroncelli: “Guillaume Apollinaire,” translated by Chenxin Jiang
Eugenio Baroncelli: “Marie-Anne-Charlotte Corday,” translated by Chenxin Jiang
Antonio di Benedetto: from The Silentiary, translated by Esther Allen
Miguel Cervantes: “Cervantes to Veneziano,” translated by Gabrielle Piedad Ponce-Hegenauer
Max Jacob: “Stella Maris,” translated by Rosanna Warren
Håkan Sandell: “I do not follow Dante down. . .,” translated by Bill Coyle


Kelly Cherry: “Boy in Syria”
Kelly Cherry: “The Numbers”
Maryann Corbett: “Wildfire Season”
Ernest Hilbert: “Fool’s Fire”
Ernest Hilbert: “Recessional”
Ernest Hilbert: “Lesser Feasts”
Richie Hofmann “Shades”
Jee Leong Koh: Five Haiku
Matthew Buckley Smith: “The Dark Woods”
David Yezzi: “The Double Deuce”