Issue 9:3

Literary Matters 9:3

A Note from the President of the ALSCW:
Ernest Suarez: The Art of Literary Study

David Bromwich: The Language of Knowledge and the Language of Power

Joanna Pearson: Commitments

Chris Childers: Between Irony and Optimism: A Review of Ned Balbo’s Upcycling Paumanok
Heidi Czerwiec: On Jane Satterfield’s Apocalypse Mix
Caitlin Doyle: A Lovely Light: Selected Poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay
Florian Gargaillo: Mary McCarthy and Public Language
Stephen Kampa: Another Way to Break the Pentameter
Rachel Hadas: The Trembling Web and the Storage Facility

Chris Childers: Ibycus 286
David Ferry: From the Aeneid VII
Leslie Harkema: Francisco de Quevedo’s “Undying Love Beyond The Grave”
Emily Leithauser: Charles Baudelaire’s “Windows”
Emily Leithauser: Charles Baudelaire’s “The Former Life”
Emily Leithauser: Charles Baudelaire’s “Get Drunk”

Kim Bridgford: The Artist
Erica Dawson: There
Rachel Hadas: Heart-Shaped Stone
Joan Houlihan: A Still-Living Head
Kjerstin Kauffman: Spring Hiatus
Hailey Leithauser: Lacrimarium
Ashley Anna McHugh: Ever After
Ashley Anna McHugh: Adam, Waking
Ashley Anna McHugh: My Mother Calls from the Hospital to Say She’s Fine
A.E. Stallings: Dyeing the Easter Eggs
Catherine Tufariello: Clear Water
Jean Valentine: The Ring
Jean Valentine: Thirst
Jean Valentine: For a Friend Who Died Young

Local Meetings:
Michael Autrey: Doug Powell at The University of Chicago, April 20, 2017
Noah Simon Jampol: Willard Spiegelman at The Culture Center, New York, May 2, 2017