Milton’s Grand Style – Dec. 6, Boston University

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Milton’s Grand Style: The Poet & His Critic

Join us for a three-part program celebrating the 50th anniversary of the landmark book, Milton’s Grand Style, by Professor Sir Christopher Ricks. Fifty years ago Ricks attempted to refute Milton’s detractors by showing the delicacy and subtlety which is to be found in the verse of Paradise Lost. Ricks bravely unearthed the foundations of Milton’s use of complex verse by deviating greatly from common usage. The book’s impact on Milton scholarship remains unmatched in the twentieth century.
All events occur on Friday, December 6, 2013

1.  “Milton’s Grand Universe” a lecture by John Leonard, Professor of English, University of Western Ontario. 5:30 PM, Trustee Ballroom 9th Floor, One Silber Way.
2. “Milton’s Sweet Echo” a concert of music featuring Robert Crowe, male soprano; Victor Coelho, lute; Dana Whiteside, baritone; James Johnson, piano; featuring the music of Henry Lawes , Charles Ives, Gerald Finzi, Arnold Rosner and Bob Dylan.  7:00 PM, Marsh Chapel, 735 Commonwealth Avenue.
3. An evening reception, an opportunity for refreshments, conversation and socializing.  Open to members of the BU campus and their guests.  8:15 PM, BU Castle, 225 Bay State Road.
Christopher Ricks is Warren Professor of the Humanities at Boston University and co-director of the Editorial Institute. He has taught at Boston University since 1986; he was formerly King Edward VII Professor of English Literature at the University of Cambridge and held the position of Professor of Poetry at the University of Oxford from 2004 to 2009.
This program is sponsored in part by the BU Core Curriculum, the NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship and the Center for Humanities.For more information contact or